My word for Week 6 is love. What is else would it be this week?

Yes, I realize this is late. I’m still trying to catch up after my mom and Vegas.

I have a question.

Why is the main focus of Valentine’s Day always on the other person in a relationship? I realize that this is the way it has always been and always will be, but I’m still asking the question.

What if we all loved ourselves just a little bit more on Valentine’s Day? What if we were a little bit nicer to ourselves? What if we bought ourselves a present? Treated ourselves to a nice dinner? Took the day off work to spend the day with ourselves and got to know ourselves just a little bit better?

We are so focused on making the day super special for someone else that we forget about the most important person in our world.


How sad is that?

We need to remember ourselves and how important we are. We need to remember that we need to make ourselves happy and that we need love, too.

What if we told our spouse that we wanted to do something for ourselves on Valentine’s Day and that he or she should go do something that made him or her happy? To spend the money that you were going to spend on me on yourself. Focus on what you need today.

And I will do the same.

What would happen? It would totally rock the boat.

We all need to love ourselves a little bit more. Encourage ourselves a little bit more. Be there for ourselves just a little more.

Imagine what the world would look like if we took the time to do this.

Love. Love. Love.

My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. He’s rarely home on Valentines Day and I don’t need $85.00 roses or an overpriced meal. All I want is for him to come home safe and sound every week.

One simple thing that is mostly is God’s hands. Not my husbands. Although he does play a part.


Love myself more.

That’s what I did for Valentine’s Day. I went to accupuncture. I took myself out to lunch. I said positive affirmations to myself throughout the day and was kinder to myself.

I had a wonderful day.

This may sound kind of selfish, but this year is all about me. ME. Learning more about myself and what I want and need. Who I am and what makes me me. Spending time creating and learning more about my creative self.

I wanted the picture I drew at the bottom of the post, but it wants to be at the top.

This weeks artwork was a cool experience. After I drew and colored in the heart, the words came rushing out of me. Not what I pictured in my head but I am happy with it. What I had pictured was a red heart with ME in black letters across it. It just didn’t feel right. I tried several times to draw a perfect heart. No luck. So I settled with imperfect.

Imperfect is good.

Love is good.

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