I Didnt Shop Today

The day after Christmas is my favorite day to shop. Everything you could possibly need for next year is on clearance. Who wouldn’t shop?

My favorites are the gift sets. I would buy perfume, soap, razors and other stuff in gift sets. I wouldn’t have to buy this stuff for a couple of months or more.

I decided not to go a couple of weeks go shopping today. Why? Because I don’t need anything.


I know this might seem kind of weird because who doesn’t want to stock up on stuff when there is a good deal? I know I do but since I’ve been purging I’ve began to learn things about myself.

I’ve learned that I dont need all of this stuff around me. Why should I buy stuff if it’s going to sit around and collect dust? If I know I’m going to use it in the next three months or so maybe, but if not, then no. I dont need it.

I decided that instead of storing boxes and wrapping paper for next year I’m just going to buy it next year. And skip the clutter.

It felt weird not to go today and buy stuff but it felt good. I wasn’t buying stuff I didn’t need or that I would change my mind about later and get rid of.

It’s kind of freeing me and I like that.

9 thoughts on “I Didnt Shop Today”

  1. Me too, paring down. The only thing I can’t pare down is work clothes. Maybe if I lose some more weight, I will have to. As an instructor, I have to look nice as I am usually on show. I would sometimes love a job where I could dress down.

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      1. Shopping is a sport. I realized that when I was bitten by a dog and couldn’t do anything physically for about 2 months. I shopped. And I noticed an awful lot of people do it the way other people exercise.

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  2. I went shopping the day after Christmas exactly once. I was out of town visiting a business associate for business reasons that were entirely spur-of-the-moment, said associate took me to major department store to buy clean clothes & makeup, and when we got to the top of the escalator to descend to the women’s department….

    I got very afraid because below me was a scene that looked like one of the seven circles of hell…

    and I grabbed this business associate’s hand and squeezed up tight against him because I wasn’t sure who would be in more danger amongst that hoarde of frenzied white women–my scrawny ass, or his 6’2″ Mexican self.

    It traumatized me so badly that I will never leave the house the day after Christmas ever again for as long as I live

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