My Bearfoots Bears Christmas Collection

I dont even know where to start on this part of my purge.

Knowing I have to let go some of my collection tugs at my heart strings for many reasons.

Here’s my collection.

To be honest I haven’t displayed these at Christmas in over 5 years. I’m not a big Christmas person. I don’t decorate a lot. My step kids are older. My husband isn’t home alot and I’m working 10 hours a day. Not enough time.

Until now. We have our own home with a big, long mantle over the fireplace. I want to decorate. I want my home to look nice. Pretty. Christmasy. Homey. A place where friends and family want to gather.

I started going through my Christmas stuff last week and that is what lead me to my bears.

My bears.


I put them on the table so I could look at them when I walked by. To let

13 thoughts on “My Bearfoots Bears Christmas Collection”

  1. I have slowly cleared the house of collected things that were important once but not so much anymore. Its hard. But look at it this way…how lucky will someone else be to add your donations to their growing passion? You did good.

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  2. Your bears are so cute! I didn’t decorate this year (working over 90 hours a week). As we near Christmas, I wish I would have. Regretting it now. Getting rid of stuff is hard. I keep finding myself wishing I wouldn’t have gotten rid of things a week later.


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