The Rules Of My Purge

I’ve been thinking alot about my 150 item purge and what counts and what doesn’t.

Are you wondering what does count?

I think it would be easier if I told you what doesn’t count. What doesn’t count is as follows:

Food. It doesnt matter if it is in the frig, freezer or pantry. It doesnt count.

Magazines. If I moved them from the old house they count. If not, they dont. I have cancelled five subscriptions. I don’t read them anway.

Magazines articles/scraps of paper I moved because I wanted to read them some day. I should have tossed them before I moved. I dont remember why I kept over half of them. Dumb.

My husband’s stuff. Clothes, shoes, or other stuff. His stuff is his stuff. Not mine. Doesn’t count.

Outside stuff. I’m taking some of my flower pots to the consignment shop but I’m not counting them because only inside stuff counts.

Christmas stuff. Cards. Boxes. Tins. Wrapping paper. String. To/from tags.

Cleaning supplies/health and body stuff. Some things were given to me so I’m passing them on.

I think that’s it.

Oh. One more thing.

One pair is 1. Even though there are two shoes or two mittens I’m still counting it as one.

I did well this weekend. I sold one item. Gave the rest of the Halloween stuff — six items — to my sister in law. I’ve put five items on marketplace and have five items ready to take to the consignment shop.

My husband even went through a bin of his stuff. I think he’s joining my cause. Yeah.

Life is good. And lighter.

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