Stay Sane

This is my new catch phrase.

It totally sums up my life right now.

My job is crazy busy. 10 hour days.

My husband is finally back to normal and I am sick. Just a cold. No biggie.

I finally i had the guts to take my computer in today to get looked at. I made the biggest bonehead mistake and accidently unplugged my computer when it doing an update. Luckily I have the protection program so it wont cost me anything to fix but I have to wait two weeks. And I have to fess up to my husband to what a bonehead i was. I hate typing posts from my phone so that’s why I haven’t been posting lately.

At least its fixable and wont cost me anything. I can breathe a sigh of relief. I waited five weeks to take it in because I thought they would tell me I needed to buy a new one. Yeah. I know. I had my head in the sand on this one.

Now I could only find my key fob I lost a couple of weeks ago….

Stay sane my friends. Dilly. Dilly.

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