6 Months Feels Like 60 Years

A couple of weeks ago Claudia from Humoring The Goddess wrote about a person who got rid of 75% of what she owned. Wow! That takes guts. Could I do that?

That question has been swimming in my head since then. The thought of letting go of 25% or more is doable.

We have been in our new house over 6 months and it feels like we have been there 60 years. Stuff wise that is.

Before we moved in we had a garage sale and sold a lot of stuff we weren’t using or didn’t want. I was happy. Less to move. We wont have a lot of stuff in the house.

Boy, was I wrong.

For the last couple of weeks I felt surrounded by stuff. Too much stuff. There is to much stuff in my office, the basement, living room.. basically everywhere. Last week my husband even commented on how we have too much stuff and that we need to get rid of some stuff. That is nice but usually when he says we it is me that is going to do the work. Not we.

This past weekend I went through everything in our bedroom and started in my office. The pictures below show what useless crap I am holding onto.

The six items in the picture I have been holding onto forever for ridiculous reasons. The ruler I kept because I might have to draw a half moon someday. Really? I tossed it in the donation box. The erasers I kept because I might need to use them when my pencil eraser is gone. Like this is ever going to happen because I have 100 pencils. Donation box. The two square things my husband made me. I wanted them to be dice. I think we were at my brother and sister in laws house when my husband made them. I dont remember what the situation was or why he made them. Its ridiculous that I still have them, but I really dont want to get rid of them but since I cant remember the circumstances surrounding them they have to go. Donation box.

These three pairs of gym shoes haven’t been worn since we moved in because I have bought three new pairs since so why am I keeping them? I don’t know. They have to go.

Last Thursday I took 11 home decor items from my garage sale bin to the consingnment shop. Today I took 4 more items. This weekend I will go through my Christmas stuff and take some Christmas decorations. I can take 11 items each specific day they allow consignments.

I dont know how nomuch 25% of my stuff is. My goals is get rid of 100 to 150 items. I am keeping track. The good thing about the consignment shop is that my items aren’t returned to me. Instead they are donated to a local resale shop. I think that’s cool because can start keeping track of my items starting with 15 items.

I have some stuff (new pillows I hate, planters I wont be using and outside light up decorations still in the box on Facebook marketplace in my area plus I want to put some things on ebay.

I am writing this on my phone and I dont know what I pushed to get this format. I think it’s time to go to bed.

No I dont think I could let go of 75% of my stuff and that’s ok. I will keep going through my stuff while being bruttually honest with myself about what I need and what I dont need.

I will keep you posted on my progress

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you get more treats than tricks.

5 thoughts on “6 Months Feels Like 60 Years”

  1. You know I’m big on the purge. My goal is to get rid of one item every day. I keep a bag in my closet and go weekly. This week is easy because my daughter is going through her wardrobe. (Yesterday was ripped leggings and the day before a shirt she hasn’t worn since sixth grade) you really do feel better! But FYI….we still have a lot of crap

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    1. It’s funny that you say this because I and I both will buy more stuff. I bought two Christmas items this past weekend. I have a mantel i can decorate now. I will write about my purge in future.


      1. Oh, you have just made me so glad I only limited my no-buy to clothes/shoes/accessories. I have a mantel to decorate, too. And we just bought a new Christmas tree, one that will go with our high ceiling🤗

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