The Last Box of Stuff

I took the last box of stuff out of my office and emptied it onto the living room floor. This is all of the stuff I didn’t know what to do with after we moved in so I just put it in a box.

Contents of the box: Manilla envelopes, a couple of books, magazine articles I ripped out of magazines but never read them, receipts I was too lazy to put away, a couple of magazines and a bunch of other stuff. Junk.

This is what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning before work. Fun. Fun. I have to do it. I’ve put it off for too long already.

I’ve made some rules. I can count the magazines and books if I choose to get rid of them but the pieces of paper and other crap on going to toss I can’t count toward my 150 items I want to get rid of. I’m going to get rid of.

I’ve been wondering what my space will feel like when the 150 items are gone and what changes are going to happen in other parts of my life.

On the way home tonight I bought two $3 and a $2 lottery tickets. I won $2 on the $2 ticket, $3 on the $3 ticket and $100 on the other $3 ticket. Holy crap!

Is this a sign of things to come? Or is the universe paying me to put away/throw away my crap?

Either way I’ll take it.

Maybe I’ll start going through my stuff right now since I’m too fired up to sleep.

Sweet dreams everyone. 😊❤

4 thoughts on “The Last Box of Stuff”

  1. Congrats! My husband won $200 on a scratch off today! Sweet extra change.I look forward to holding a yard sale and selling some books and stuff. And then when I lose more weight with this low carb diet, I will donate my size 14-16 clothes to the Goodwill as soon as I reach size 10, I will use my extra money and buy some new clothes!!

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