Yes I Am Still Going To Vegas

My plane leaves for Las Vegas in less two weeks.  I’m excited, but also have a heavy heart.  My heart goes out to everyone that was at the music festival and I pray for everyone daily, but my trip has been planned since April and I am going.  There are three reasons why that I will share with you below.

  1.  I’m not letting some random dead guy (there are plenty of other words I could use describe this guy, but he’s not worth the time or effort so I’m just calling him dead guy) dictate what I’m going to do, where I am going to go and when I’m going to do it.  The reality is that if the right person is in the same place I am I can get shot anywhere….at work, at the grocery store, in my home, etc.  I think every time a shooting happens we are more aware of how it can happen anywhere and at anytime.  Unfortunately I can’t hide from it.  It sucks, but this is reality.  It makes us realize how vulnerable we are and how precious life is and lives are.  I can’t stop living,  live in fear or stop doing what I love just because there are people like the dead guy out there.  People like him scare the shit out of me, but I can’t let that fear dictate my life.

2.  Vegas is a tourist town.  This is how people make their living.  If people stop going              businesses suffers and people get laid off and things spiral downwards.  The                        gunman did more than kill innocent people.  He messed with their livelihood.                     From what I understand the airport cancelled flights and some casinos were shut               down.  This is a loss of income for the people of Vegas .  People need to eat.  People              need to pay their bills.  Traveling to Vegas is my way of helping the city getting                    back to normal — whatever normal is right now.  I want to go.  I want to help.                      Vegas needs me to go.

3.  I LOVE Vegas!!!!  I love the food.  I love the architecture.  I love the art.  I love the                vibe.  I love the casinos.  I love the shopping.  I love waking up to the mountain                    views.  I love the energy and lights of the Strip.  I love the different hotels and how            each of them has their own vibe.  I love that my husband loves Vegas as much as I              do — he’s the one that got me hooked.  What I love most about Vegas really has                    nothing to do with Vegas, but with my husband and how we get to spend five days              together.  No work.  No daily grind.  Just us.  Together.

I know this trip will be different because I have a heavy heart, but life has to go on.    There’s no way I can go there and not think about what happened.  The city is grieving and will continue to grieve for a long time.  Will I be more aware of my surroundings?  You betcha.  Am I aware that there is a small possibility that another shooting could possibly occur?  Absolutely.  If it happens and I die then I was my turn to die.  My name was on that big chalkboard in the sky.  There’s nothing I can do about it.

I didn’t think about cancelling my trip once after the shooting.

F U dead guy.  You are not winning.   (Sorry for the language).

9 thoughts on “Yes I Am Still Going To Vegas”

  1. When I was carjacked several years ago, at gunpoint, I felt the same way you do …. nothing will stop me from going right back to the same gas station where it happened. Just because it happened once does not necessarily mean it will happen again. I’m vigilant, keep my keys in my hand, my purse out of reach (which is hard sometimes now because I drive a Miata convertible), and I don’t spend a lot of time at the pump. I won’t let some random douchebags keep me from using a particular gas station. I can’t let them win. Especially since that station has the best prices! Have fun in Vegas!

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