Weekly Goal: A Little Side Hustle

I’ve been thinking about two things lately. 

The first thing is to blog about having a weekly goal that I share with you. 

A goal and what I plan to accomplish that week.  Maybe the steps I plan to take or what I learned during the week.

I’m not sure how this will turn out but I’m going to give it a shot. 

The second thing is starting a side hustle.

The side hustle I want to start is a home organization business.  I think I blogged about it before, but I don’t remember when.

Actually, it is more of an item purging business. I would help people let go of possessions and then organize their homes.

Covid was the reason I didn’t follow through originally.  I am vaccinated and boosted but I didn’t feel comfortable going into people’s houses and touching their things.

Now that Covid has subsided (for the moment) I feel it’s time to move forward with the idea.

My goals for the week are:

To go through my notes I have on my side hustle and organize them.

To fill out paperwork for an LLC in Wisconsin.

To complete my ad to give to my real estate agent, Tara, who will pass it out it to her clients.

To do some research on business cards and what information I need to put on the cards.

To figure out a questionnaire to ask my clients so I know their needs and how to help them.

Add a business page to my Facebook page.

As I write this, I think its going to take more than a week to achieve my goals. There is a lot to do.

I’ll let you know how things go.

One more thing…..

I am totally terrified.