Below is a picture of what I took out of one of the cubes in my office.


Yesterday I took I couple of the small bins downstairs but the more I thought about it the more I thought I should go through it.

This morning I took the rest out of the cube and brought the bins up from the basement and laid everything out on the living room floor.

That’s what I came up with.

How in the heck did I get so much stuff????

Do I really need all of the colored pencils?

What was I thinking?

I am totally overwhelmed. I can’t believe I have all of this stuff.

I know I wanted to learn how to draw and I needed different colors and shades, but this is ridiculous.

OMG! There are metallic, neon and regular colored pencils. Gel pens. Metallic colored pens.

What the heck? Did I think I was to run out?

Here’s what I decided to keep.

Here’s what I decided to let go of

I feel better!

I’ll take some of the colored pencils by my next door neighbor and see if she wants them for her grandkids. I’m going to sell a couple of items at my mom’s next garage sale and donate the rest to the school.

This makes me happy!

I’m going to add 13 more items to my list.

12 yesterday. 13 today. 25 total.

75 more to go!

I can definately let go of 100 items.

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