Me Diabetic? No Way.

I found out today that I am diabetic.

I’m kinda in shock. I never expected this in a million years.

I scheduled a appointment for a physical for today a couple of months ago. My doctor’s been after me to get a physical for awhile now so last week Tuesday I went in for lab work. The next morning I was asked to come in for more blood work. High glucose numbers. Can I come in on Thursday to have more blood drawn?

I wasn’t really worried. I just got back from Vegas where I had chocolate doughnuts and cherry pie for breakfast.

Today I learned that the blood work from last week Thursday was for a three month period. My glucose numbers were high.

Not good.

I have to pickup a prescription tomorrow to get my glucose numbers down. Hopefully this with diet and excercise will help.

My husband and his family have diabetes so I’m kinda familiar with it, but not really.

That is them.

This is me.

I ordered Diabetes for dummies today on Amazon.

I have to make an appointment to go to Diabetes classes at the clinic next week.

I’m doing ok. Kind of scared. Kind of in denial.

I’m not sure what to feel.

My mom says everything happens for a reason. I wonder what the reason for this is.

I’m treating myself with love, hope and more love.

I’ll take it day by day for now. It’s the only way I can take it.

Any words of wisdom for me good, bad or otherwise?

I’d appreciate anything you want to share.

Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Me Diabetic? No Way.”

  1. I felt bad hitting a thumbs-up on this post, but not doing it felt like I was ignoring you. I think you’ll get lots of advice from all sorts of people. Here’s mine: I got my fasting glucose down to 65 just by eating low carb (like 35 grams of carbs max per day) and eating no high glycemic carbs at all. It took about three months. At about three weeks, my sugar/bread/pasta cravings disappeared. I know some people go all-out keto or even carnivore, but I had success with a more mild low-carb diet.

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