The Third 11 Items

The third 11 items is going to have to wait til next week.

I’m not sure if I have 11 more items to bring to the consignment shop, but I will continue to look.

I did take over 40 pieces of clothing that my step daughter left at our house when she moved to South Carolina to the consignment shop today. 

This doesn’t count for my items, but it feels good to get her stuff out of the house. I do have her permission to sell it. My husband wants that room to be his office again and then I can put an excercise bike in the sunroom that he is currently using as his office.

I’m sorry this is late. I thought I hit publish.

I must not of.

I’m still looking for 11 items so it might not be this week either.

2 thoughts on “The Third 11 Items”

  1. My goal this week isn’t a number of items but a trash bag full of recyclables and/or trash to remove because I didn’t want to find 10 stray paperclips in the junk drawer and count that as 10 . . . because that’s what I’d do!:-) Good luck with your 11!

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