Day 2 Of 11 Items

Here’s what I dropped off yesterday at the consignment shop.

She consigned 9 out of the 11 items. The 2 items are going in the thrift store box.

She also told me not to bring any items in today because the store is packed so I will gather more and wait til next week.

That kinda puts a jam in my plan for today, but at least she took 20 items.

6 thoughts on “Day 2 Of 11 Items”

  1. I am also doing a big cleanup after living for 8 years. Things that are too much as where is stay is a town house and the kitchen is just enough for me. Less things I am left with more time to get on with reading and writing. With time also our needs and how and what we do change. Also with the health issue so many will need fresh things to change and winter is also over here in Aussie. Lots of Love from me and healing energies are there in my hands right now. You are truly Blessed ❤ ❤ ❤


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