Day 25.

Yesterday before work I looked through a cabinet and found nothing to let go of. 

Later on that day at work a light bulb went on in my head. I realized there were a couple of things in the cabinet I could let go of. I know. I have too much time to think at work. Lol.

Heres what I am letting go of today.

I bought the bin to put my husband’s mail in during the week while he’s gone. It’s been in the cabinet with spring decorations in it for the last year. The yellow Easter egg I only have one of. The wedding day photo holder is cute but I have five other ones. This is my least favorite.

I’m bringing the bin and picture holder to the consignment shop.

I love the bin. It’s cute, but I can’t find any use for it so it has to go. I’m not going to hold onto it until I find a use for it.

I bought a new canister set today. When I swap the new for the old this week I’m not counting them. Why? Because even though I’m letting them go I’m replacing them. I didnt create any open space. I probably shouldn’t have counted the book yesterday either since I replaced one with the other.

Oh well. I’m almost at my goal.

Until tomorrow……

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