Day 24.

This is what I’m letting go if today.

WordPress 2020 arrived at my house yesterday so the old one has to go. My husband bought me the egg maker five or so years ago. I’m letting it go because I don’t like it. It’s hard to wash. I love that he thought of me when he saw it, but I haven’t used it since we moved to this house. I think the item on the bottom right of the pic is the bottom half of a Turkey baster. Where the older half is I don’t know.

When I looked in cabinets today I noticed how nice they looked. They were organized and not cluttered and it was easy to find what I needed.

That makes this whole letting go of stuff journey worth it. I still have cabinets to go thru but seeing the other cabinets makes me want to clean out the rest and make them all look nice.

I’m a happy girl.

Until tomorrow….

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