Day 8

What I’ve been doing every morning is opening up a drawer or a cabinet door and picking out my items to let go of.

Today it was the linen closet.

Here are my five items. I realize I can go down to three items today, but I’m doing five today.

The hair spray is almost empty so I’m throwing it in the garbage. I can’t remember the last time I used it. The little can of hair spray I take to Vegas. I dont use hairspray at all anymore so it has to go. Same with the can of mousse. The small tube of toothpaste is a freebie from the dentist. I don’t like it. The small black container is a sample of body scrub I received as a free sample over a year ago from the Lush store in Vegas. Never even tried it. Dont plan on trying it. Bye. Bye.

No anxiety today letting go of these items.

The thrift store I donate my items to donates the money they raise to a local hospice in the area. This makes my heart happy.

Until tomorrow…..

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