Cleaning Out My Hope Chest

For the last year or so I’ve been longing for more of an ladies wardrobe beside jeans, t-shirts and hoodies and running shoes.

I’ve been holding off because I wanted to lose weight, feel better about myself, and five million other excuses.

Not anymore.

I decided last night at work (I agree that I have too much time at work to think, but it’s not always a bad thing) that was going to go thru my hope chest and get rid of things.

The rule for cleaning out my hope chest is if it doesn’t fit or I don’t love it it goes.

Here’s a picture of my hope chest.

Here’s a picture of the clothes that were in it.

What I noticed first is that I have a lot of clothes with tags on them.

The shorts in the picture I am keeping. I love them but they are a little snug. I can wear them next summer.

There are three sweatshirts. I’m keeping one. The other two don’t fit and I don’t love them.

Well, that was easy.

On to the seven tshirts. Two I can wear now. Two are a little snug but I love what they say so I’m keeping them. I’m getting rid of two. I’m throwing one away. Its stained. I kept it for sentimental reasons but I have memories of Mark in my head and don’t need to keep a stained tshirt to remember him by. And I am returning one.

This is easier than I thought it would be.

5 pairs of shorts. One has the tags (not in the picture) on that I dont even remember buying. I’m going to try to return them. One pair has stains from painting the deck at the trailer last summer. In the garbage. Two pairs that I cant get buttoned. They have to go. I don’t even know why I bought the last pair. The shorts are ugly and too long. Bye Bye.

There was a tank top and a spanks thing (you know the spandex thing that makes you look skinnier than you really are). Both are gone.

I am keeping two Emerson Fittapaldi tshirts that my dad bought me. Emo is my favorite Indy Car driver. I love him. I’m also keeping a tshirt that has my nieces name on it from a play she was in in the summer of 2012.

The items I’m letting go of I’m going to try to sell them on marketplace first. What doesn’t sell I’ll take to the consigent shop or give to the thrift store

I am keeping this shirt.

I don’t know why I am keeping it. I fit into this shirt before perimenopause and menopause hit. I doubt if i will ever fit into it again.

Oh well….

I am going thru stuff as I’m writing this post. It’s been fun and easy.

I feel better and lighter.

There’s not alot of items left in my hope chest.

I have $10 in kohl’s cash I need to use. Maybe I will swing by there before work and see what they have. Maybe I will find a cute sweater that I love.

I guess my closet will be the next thing I need to clean out before I start adding new things.

I’ll keep you posted on how my quest for a new wardrobe is going.

Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Cleaning Out My Hope Chest”

  1. I have such a problem, it is just ironic that I came to your blog today. I have about 35 t-shirts. I like them all. I don’t wear them all but I think “what if I want to wear it and I’ve given it away? I have about 10 sweatshirts. A couple were my late husbands. I guess I could pick one and give the rest away but what about all my zip up sweatshirts. I have so many colors that I have something to match just about everything.
    So, anyhow, I am not joking about this…I have a real issue but I have given things away before only to buy them again. What do I do?
    Maybe you can have a “Dear Chrissy” blog that helps hoarders like me!

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    1. I know. I think about that too but you cant keep everything. You are only suppose to keep things you love. I deal with this topic on my blog often because I too have a lot of crap. I mean stuff. 😄 I wrote a post called my sock and panty drawer (Sorry I still don’t know how to link you to that post.) When I cleaned out my underwear drawer. Today you inspired me to clean out my closet and deal with my tshirts. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

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