Thank You God!!!

We found out yesterday my mom is cancer free!!!!!!


It’s been a rough six months. The surgery, chemo and then this virus crap.

I want to hug my mom. Go shopping or out to eat.

Something. Anything.

For the last four months we’ve been doing nothing together.

It feels like forever.

She’s being cautious. She doesn’t want me over because I work and my husband goes through the hot spots while he’s on the road.

I understand why.

I think not being able to see and hug my mom on a regular basis is part of this emotional mess I’ve been experiencing these last couple of months.

I miss her. I miss seeing her smile. I miss her hugs. I miss her company. I miss us doing stuff together.

I do talk to her everyday on my way to work. I stop over there to drop stuff off once in awhile.

For now I will have to take what I can get while we wait for this virus crap to pass

For now I will be very grateful for her being cancer free.

For now I will be grateful that my mom is alive and I can talk to.

This is what I will focus on.

This what I will be grateful for.

Thank you God!

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