Grateful Friday

This morning I’m trying to be positive while carrying buckets of water upstairs and dumping them outside.

My sump pump isn’t working the greatest. The ditch is full of water because of the three inches of rain we’ve had these last couple of days. The sump pump pipe runs underground to the ditch and since then ditch is full it pumps out but then some of the water stays in the hose. I dont know the complete workings of it.

This week I’m trying to stay positive so I’m going to list what I am grateful for this morning.

1. I was able to experience the quiet of the morning. I started this at 3:30 am and its 5:30 now.

2. My brother in law for being here for me. I texted him at 4:30. He should be here by 7. I know because he was here on Tuesday morning. Dont ask.

3. I don’t need to excercise today because I think carrying a bucket of water up 15 stairs 20 times is good enough.

4. That Flamingo (yes I did name my sump pump. I dont know why) is partially working so that I can take a break.

5. Its Friday.

6. That I can go back to bed for awhile after we get the above ground tube in place. I already cancelled my accupuncture appointment for this morning.

7. That the rain will stop and my ditch will dry up.

Well I better go tend to Flamingo. She’s been going off every 8 minutes.

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