Breathe Week 12

Take a deep breathe.

Slowly let it out.

As you let out your breathe let go.

Let go of your worry. Your fear. Anger. Virus worries. Money issues. Whatever it is you need to let go of.

Let it go.

Take another breathe.

Let it go.

Just let it go. Life is too precious and short to be hanging onto all of this stuff from the past.

Let it go.

Take another breathe.

Picture stress, fear or whatever you’re letting go of move up toward your shoulders or the top of your head. As you breathe out watch it leave your body. Dont worry about the form it comes out in just let it out.

It may come out in sheets of something. I picture mine as a big sheet of paper coming out between my shoulders with everything I need to let go of written on it. It may take on a different form for you. It’s ok. Let it.


Let it out. It’s just stuff from the past that needs to come out. Fear or anger you haven’t let go of yet. A bad experience. Maybe guilt.

It’s ok to let it go.

Feel better?

Now take a minute and pay attention to your breathe.

In and out.

In and out.

Breathe in.

As you breathe in think of a word like hope, happiness, health, wellness, wealth or whatever positive word you want to focus on.

Picture in your mind’s eye good things coming to you. Money flowing into your life. Getting the job you want. A friend calling you. A certain person to get well. Whatever it is that you want to happen.

Notice how you feel. Do you feel better. Relaxed? Lighter?

Good! It’s working.

Repeat as needed.

This post flowed out of me. Who knows. Maybe I wrote it for myself. At first I wasn’t going to use it because it’s personal to me, but I decided to share. Maybe someone needs to read it.

My drawing turned out better than I thought it would. I’m getting more confident which makes me feel good!

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