A Rant

Why are we allowing free agency and football players to be traded/signed for MILLIONS of dollars when some people don’t have a job to go or can’t open up their business?

This is is so disrespectful and a kick in the pants.

There are more important things to think about than football right now. And I love football.

I think at this time football contracts are nonessential.

We are in the middle of a pandemic that has killed many and infected more.

I think whoever is signed or traded during this time should have to give $500,000 of their pay to help fight this pandemic.

It just pisses me off that these big dollar amounts are being shared at this time. Brady and his $60 million.

The Dow is the lowest its ever been. States are shutting down. People can’t go to work. Businesses are closing.

And a certain few are making millions.

Not fair..

I know. I know. Life isnt fair.

The other day there was a football player who shared that he bought his son a 4,000 piece Lego set to keep him busy during the lockdown. What normal person is able to do this?

People are struggling to put food on the table and players are signing for millions.

I’m just ranting because I’m frustrated.

I love football. I’m a huge Steeler fan. And now a Raider fan because I love Gruden.

All I’m saying is I don’t want to know money players are being signed for.

In my eyes its NOT important.

Not today or tomorrow. Maybe next month or the month after.

On any other day I wouldn’t care. It wouldnt piss me off. It’s part of the job and I get that.

What is important now is helping people. Staying home. Getting medical supplies where they need to be. Praying.

I know. I know. These players could donate and support a lot of different people/causes. They could be wonderful humans. They could be doing something wonderful right now.

It’s just I don’t feel right now is the time or the place to talk about their millions.

I’m stepping off of my soap box now.

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