Reminder: I wrote this the week of Kobe’s death and am finally publishing my post today.

This is my word for week 4. It’s not the word I planned for the week nor is it on my list of words.

Sunday changed everything.

I am surprised at my reaction to Kobe’s death. I knew the name. I knew he was basketball player, but I couldn’t tell you what team he played for or if he is still playing or not.

I am deeply saddened by the news. Maybe because he was so young. Maybe because it wasn’t drug related. Maybe because of the nine people lost. Mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends… Maybe because they all had so much more life to live and more to give.

And Poof.

They are gone.

It’s hard enough to lose one person, but to lose a husband and daughter or a wife and daughter. I can’t even begin understand the pain these people are going through.

I was glued to the tv on Sunday. I learned a lot about a man I knew nothing about.

Here are the lessons I learned in Sunday.

1. Live your dreams. Kobe lived his. I had no idea he wrote a book or was a producer. I had no idea Mamba even existed.

I used to think it was easy for rich people to live their dreams because they are rich. They have the money and people around to help them. I’ve realized that some rich people aren’t living their dreams or fulfilling their purpose. They are just rich.

The rich people who are living their dreams are doing so because they pursued their dreams. They have a vision. Day after day. Week after week. Year after year. They keep moving forward. They don’t let fear or any other obstacles get in the way. They keep going.

2. Achieving your dreams takes sacrifice. For some reason I didn’t realize fully what this meant until Sunday. Realizing your dreams takes time. You have to give up something. Maybe seeing less of family and friends. Maybe giving up watching tv or playing video games. Each person is different.

I always thought playing Candy Crush was relaxing after work. It helped me wind down and get ready for bed.

After Sunday I realized I could be writing to relax after work. After I write, as a treat, I could play my five lives on Candy Crush and go to bed.

Overall, I’m probably not using my time as wisely as I could.

3. Family. The most important people in our lives are sometimes the most neglected people on a day to day basis as we navigate our busy lives. Work. Appointments. Kids. Aging parents.

Kobe found a way to utilize his time and to shorten his commute. This is why he used a helicopter.

It makes me wonder if there a way I can do things differently to have more time with the people I love? I’m such a homebody lately. I love to be by myself in a house the wraps me in love. I love to be exploring my creativity. I have to remind myself that I need to go out and connect with the people I love.

4. It’s ok to cry. I was so happy to see grown men crying on national television. Both commentators and men interviewed.

Crying shows so much. It shows you’re human. That you love. How much you care. That you’re in touch with your emotions.

I love Emerson Fittipaldi, not for his Indy car driving skills, but because he wasn’t afraid to say to no to the interviewer that wanted to interview him after he won the race so he could take a couple if minutes to hug and kiss his wife and wipe away his tears.

I applaud these men for crying openly and showing the world how upset they really are. It takes guts. It helps them heal. It helps everyone heal.

On Sunday Kobe was my mentor reminding me through stories, words and video clips that if I want to achieve my dreams I have to keep at it every day. Something that sometimes gets lost in the day to day hustle.

I’m trying to figure out how to hustle less and live more. Work less and write and be more creative more.

It does take time. Lately I feel like a hermit when I’m at home I’m writing and being more creative. It takes time to explore but I get lost and time flies. It fulfills me and I’m the happiest I have been. In my own little way I feel I am living my purpose.

I will be buying Kobe’s book, researching and watching videos of how he achieved greatness.


I still have a lot to learn.

Thank you Kobe. Even in death you are helping people.

Drawing a basketball seemed appropriate this week. I wanted the word, lessons, to look like a signature on a basketball. I pushed the word past the boundaries of the basketball because all of the lives lost were more than just about basketball.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people involved in the crash and their family and friends and students.

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