And The DA Award Goes To…

“Money or memories” The new girl said before she walked out the door at lunch. “I’m choosing memories.”

She left at lunch, knowing she would lose a half a days pay today and part of her holiday pay. She didn’t care. It was more important for her to make memories.

Making memories is great. But does it pay the bills? No. Does it put money in your savings account for a rainy day? No. Does it leave your supervisor with a warm, fuzzy feeling about your work eithic? No.

I get it. She just turned 21 and she wants to party with her friends at their cabin 2 hours away.

For me the word that is missing from the equation is responsibility. A word that is more important than money or memories.

Responsibility. I think she has a responsibility to be at her job. Every day. That is why they pay you. You made a commitment with the company to be there every day and you should honor that.

To leave early is irresponsible. And the kicker is is that she’s only been working at the company 3 months.

Awesome work ethic.

The thing that grinds me is that the company has given us Monday off with pay but that must not be enough days to party.

The 2nd kicker is that she didn’t even know the meaning of Memorial Day. A coworker had to explain it to her.

So she left work early to make memories on a holiday weekend she knew nothing about until today.

I shake my head and wonder how kids like this survive.

And that’s why she gets the dumb ass award today.

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