I read somewhere on some money making website that people were selling empty toliet paper rolls for big money. When I looked on ebay I found that 100 empty rolls were going for around $20 bucks. I guess people use them for crafts projects, to put around cords instead of using zip ties and other things.

It seemed easy enough to make some extra cash and so I thought I would try it. Everytime I would empty a roll I would put it in a box in the closet. My mom also saved them for me.

Last week when I grabbed the vacuum out of the closet, I noticed that the box was overflowing. When I got home from work that night I went through the toliet paper rolls. Out of over 200 only 60 were good. The rolls on ebay looked perfect so I went for perfection too.

I never realized that toliet paper rolls had a raised part half the size of an eraser on it usually with a hole in and on some rolls where all of the paper didnt come off. So those weren’t usable.

I decided instead of listing them on Ebay I would put them on Marketplace and see what happened.

Big mistake. I didnt realize that there would be so many haters out there. I received so many mean messages. Are fucking crazy? That’s sick thinking. Just throw them away. I have a empty bag of chips so you think I can get money for that too? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Not very nice comments.

There were a couple of interested people. The haters responded to them too. What’s wrong with you that you want to buy these? Are you dumb? What could possibly use them for?

Do the haters just look for stuff on marketplace to put negative comments on? Don’t these people have a life? Or any feelings? Or respect for other people? Why are they so quick to judge what others are doing?

I responded to their hate. I wrote: to all the haters. I sold the rolls to a lady who is going to use them with her five grandchildren to do crafts this summer. Win. Win. Thanks for your kindness and support.

No comment from any of them.

What I really wanted to write is: hey you narrow minded small briained mother fuckers who spew hate and negativity into the world fuck you. I don’t understand why you feel you need to share your stupidity with everyone. You’re probably as dumb as your comments and don’t get what you are doing is wrong. I can sell whatever I want to. Kiss my ass…..

Ok I feel better.

My answer to the haters was a work of fiction. Ok. Lie. I didnt sell them but I wanted to show them just because they dont agree with something doesn’t mean they have to hate it and it can be a good thing even if they dont see it as such.

I deleted the post. I didn’t want to deal with the negativity and hateful thoughts. I didn’t want the people who may have been interested to get harassed.

Maybe I shouldn’t have read the comments, but I was excited that I had 14. I rarely get any. I never expected them to be negative.

I’m proud of myself for trying something new even though it was a flop. Some things work and some things don’t. You have to keep trying.

Dont let the haters get to you and bring you down. Rise above it and keep moving forward and leave the haters behind. You don’t need them or their small thinking.

Look for positive people who will be in your corner.

There was one person who stood up for me. She wrote: If you people aren’t interested in buying something then move on. There’s no reason to leave such hateful comments. It’s such grade school behavior.

I thanked her. She was my bright spot amongst the haters.

In life, I want to be that bright spot, too, amongst the haters.

We should all try to be the bright spot.

12 thoughts on “Haters”

  1. I had to laugh when I started reading this because, empty toilet paper rolls?! Really?! But, I thought it was funny and it was also that knee jerk reaction that you have before you actually stop and think. Well, sure. That actually makes sense. I helped in art club a few years ago when they made some seriously cool snowflakes out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls and I remember the teacher struggled to actually get enough to do the project in the first place.

    Sure, knee jerk reaction on a listing like that kind of makes sense, but it is also, clearly a situation where not one of those jerkwads took the time to stop and think. It is that kind of reaction, and the fact that so many people think it is not just okay to say that crap, but they feel like it is their job or their civic duty to say it, that forced me to pull out of a lot of my online interactions years ago. And why I kind of hate that Twitter is necessary for me now because I’m forced to be back in the soup of hate and stupidity again.

    So sorry you had to go through this in the first place. People are just assholes sometimes.

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  2. That is an innovative way to make a buck but then again, some people thought we were crazy for taking on a store full of selling only stuffed cupcakes in what was referred to as the “ghetto.” We had our followers and they were great. You never know until you try.

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  3. Ok – I’ve been in education for 20 years so it only took me 2.3 seconds to think, I bet there are teachers out there doing some sort of project that would pay for empty tp rolls. We always get emails about teachers needing craft supplies like empty kleenex boxes and empty tp rolls. Sorry you had to experience such meaness. Thanks for your attempt to recycle as well! Check out Brene Brown on Netflix – she discusses this very issue!

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    1. I will definately check her out. I just checked out a book she wrote. Dare to Lead. It talks about shame and how it rules our.life. interesting so far. Thanks for your support.


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