Grateful On Easter

Today is the perfect day to tell what I am grateful for.

1. My family. My brother, sister, niece, stepdaughter had brat patties, hamburgers and potatoes and asparagus on the grill at my brothers house (not the angry one). It was yummy. While my brother got the food ready, my sister and I raked up branches and leaves in his front yard

2. My husband. He had to leave out yesterday so he didn’t get to spend easter with us. It sucks but he works hard and we will spend a full weekend at the trailer next weekend.

3. My job. Because of Good Friday we had a three day weekend. On Friday Steve and I had supper with his brother and his wife and another couple we are going to vegas with in October. I did get to see him one night. Thanks to my employee for giving us Good Froday as a holiday

4. Shopping. My niece had off school on Friday so we went shopping for a couple of hours. It was so nice to get some one on one time with her.

5. Marketplace and the consignment shops. I have met a lot of good people and made a new friend selling my stuff. It makes me believe that are still good people in the world. Plus I’ve made over $400. Money that I put toward payong off our new furnace. And air conditioner. Yeah.

6. Fresh air and sun. It was 53 and sunny yesterday and 63 and sunny today. I raked all three days. It was so nice to breathe in fresh air and to feel the sun on my face. I was going to put on shorts today but then I would have had to shave my legs and that seemed like too much work….

7. My purge. I sold a set of dishes today. I will write a post about this at a later date. It was hard because they meant a lot but I cant justify holding onto something or things I’m not using. No matter how much the items meant. 28 items gone.

8. Alone time. Even though I wish my husband was home, I’m grateful for the alone time. I’m still purging so the alone time is great to go through my stuff at my own pace. Right now I have a mess in my living room but I’ll have it cleaned up/gone thru by the time he gets home.

9. Having our bed to myself. I’m lying in bed as I type this. Tonight I’m glad I am alone. I’m missing my dad and kinda sad. Holidays do this to me. I can read or do whatever I want tonight without having to worry about waking him up.

10. You guys. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. It means a lot.

Happy Easter everone!

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