Gratitude Wednesday

Isn’t this a wonderful view?! I can see the farm field!!! I’m so excited.

Its 39 degrees outside and the birds are chirping.

I have a lot to be grateful for today.

1. Warm weather

2. My mammogram was good. I love to see my breasts on the computer screen. I like how different each one is. Its neat to see how far technology has come.

3. Our property taxes are paid! Two Saturdays ago we received a notice in the mail that our taxes were deliquent. After a week and a half the county found the money and paid the bill and we weren’t charged any late fees because it was their fault. Yeah!

4. Books. There are a ton of great books on writing out there.

5. Libraries. I love to write in them!

6. Reading in bed.

7. Money affirmations. I’ve been listening to them before I go to bed.

8.. Finding pennies from Heaven.

9. Melting snow.

10. Chirping birds.

Oh happy day!

8 thoughts on “Gratitude Wednesday”

      1. I’m actually on instagram with her. I think she just hit the blog wall. She seems good. I think really busy. I didn’t want to pry too much. If you insta, im lawakinguponthewrongsideof50. You can find her through me probably

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