Good Bye Healing Stones

On Sunday I went thru my crystals/healing stones. This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for while but I kept putting it off.

This is why..

What a mess!

When I bought the stones the clerk put the stone in a little plastic bag with a piece of paper telling me what ailments it helped.

It’s too bad I didn’t put the stones back in the bags. 30 stones weren’t in bags. I did research on my tablet but I couldn’t figure out what stone went with each bag/description. I gave up because I didn’t want to put the wrong stone in the wrong bag. Each stone has specific purpose and I didn’t want to have it in my pocket thinking it did one thing when it really did another.

Instead of driving a half hour to find someone to tell me what stones belonged in what bag, I decided to put them on marketplace and sell them.

I’m losing money again but at least the box is organized and I can use the stones that have descriptions fo4.

Big smile. It feels good to know what I have and what works for me and get rid of the rest.

And guess what? While typing this post I set up a time and place to sell them on Saturday morning.

On to the next item to list.

10 thoughts on “Good Bye Healing Stones”

  1. There are a whole lot of places and resources that would be able to help you find which ones go where if you really didn’t want to get rid of them. I’d be glad to help you out, if you still have them. Unless it is something really uncommon, I’d probably be able to help you identify most of them. I’d hate to see you have to get rid of them if you didn’t really want to.

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    1. Thanks so much for your help but I already sold them. I dont need 64 of them. I kept 34. I’m ok with that. My goal is to get rid of stuff. They had been sitting in a box for over three years so some of them had to go. I trust that I have the stones I need. Thanks for being here for me. Its appreciated 😊❤

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      1. My problem is that I like the ones that are still in crystal/raw form and unusual. You know, the ones that aren’t inexpensive? I was going to gems shows when I was doing jewelry because I could get into the wholesale areas. Let me tell you, my bank account did not love me then!

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      2. There’s a store like that in vegas. Beautiful beautiful stones but not cheap. And big. Luckily for me they wont fit in my carry on so I cant take them home.

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