Gratitude Sunday

It’s gloomy today. The perfect day to lay around and watch Super Bowl stuff all day on tv.

Here’s what I am grateful today:

1. Its 37!!!!!!!

2. The snow is melting and I can see grass in some areas.

3. I don’t have to wear mittens or two pairs of socks and that I dont have to warm up my vehicle for fifteen minutes.

4. Its Superbowl Sunday. I dont really like either team but I’m voting for the Rams. I’m a die hard Steeler fan. Always have been. Always will be. Yes, I live in Wisconsin, but I bleed black and yellow.

5. Superbowl football pools at work. I’m in 4. Yes, I am a gambler. It’s fun and it makes work not seem like work for a couple of minutes or however long you can drag it out for.

6. For my truck starting every day this week.

7. For my brother in law and his friend who plow and shovel so I don’t have to.

8. For getting two days off of work this week.

9 For being 18 items away from the 150 goal I set.

10. Its 37 degrees!!!! After being in -20 without the windchill this is heaven.

Have a great day!!!

Go Rams!!

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