31 Days To Go

Here’s the view from my windows yesterday.

I didn’t go to work yesterday. My husband called me early yesterday morning and told me to call in. I didn’t argue.

I spent the morning going thru my books. I have way too many so I’m going to try to sell the ones I don’t want on marketplace.

My husband and I made breakfast and I did the dishes. After that I napped off and on til 7 pm.

I had a nice relaxing day.

Today I have to brave the below zero temps for the next couple of days. -25. That sucks. I’ll be bringing extra clothes for the ride home tonight. I think I’m taking a half day of vacation tomorrow just so I dont have to drive home at 10:30 PM. I don’t care about tonight. Its above zero and the sun is out but tomorrow with the windchill it’s suppose to be -70.

31 more days. I don’t know if I can make it!

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