Gratitude Saturday

Here I am again today working 8 hours on a Saturday morning. I need to list what I am grateful for so I can keep a positive attitude because after working with these happy people I need a drink.

1. Earplugs. I wear them on Saturdays so can block everything out at work and enjoy the silence.

2. Nature’s beauty. I drive by a pond on the way to work. On my way to work this morning the sun was coming up and the view of the sunrise over the pond was beautiful.

3. Extra cash. Its always nice.

4. That I made it through another week of 10 hour days without killing anyone.

5. That I have a job.

This is all I can think of in my zombie like state.

And no I am not writing this post during working hours. I worked on it before I clocked in and on my breaks.

And I’m grateful work ends in to hours.

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