I’ve Ruined Shopping For Me

I went to one of my favorite stores this morning. This flower shop/small retail store is decked out for Christmas. Beautiful wreaths. Colorful ornaments of all shapes and sizes. Wooden reindeer wearing scarves to put in your front yard. I could spend a lot of money is this store

I love it. It smells of pine trees. It makes happy to wander around and look at all the different things to buy for myself or other people.

Until today. I was my own buzz kill. I saw a lot of cool stuff, but I started asking myself questions. Did I love it? Where would I put it? Did I really need it? Why do I have to have it?

Damn. I was raining on my own parade and there’s not a thing I could do about it.

I have killed the pulse shopper inside of me.

I’m not complaining. It’s a good thing. Since I’ve been dehoarding my house, I’ve really thought long and hard about why I buy things. Things I didn’t need. Just to buy things. I dont know where I learned this behavior from. It certainly wasn’t from my mom.

Its kind of embarassing.

I’m sad to say I walked out of the store empty handed. There wasn’t one item in the store that I loved and had to bring home.

Before I left this morning I put a laundry of ten items onto my truck to bring to the consignment shop. As I was shopping I kept thinking of the items in the basket and if I bought something today l would it end up in the basket next year? The year after that?

I can’t continue shopping in the same way I have in the past. I have wasted a lot of money buying things just to buy things.

I need to get to know myself better and know what my style is. To know what I love and my soul love. What will make me happy and heal me.

What would happen if everyone just bought they loved? What if everyone just bought what they needed? How would this change the world?

Just a thought.

13 thoughts on “I’ve Ruined Shopping For Me”

  1. I had the same thing happen to me!! So many beautiful things to tempt us, especially during the holidays. I made it out of several stores empty handed. If they didn’t have the exact item I was looking for, I left.


  2. I sooo agree with you! My husband and I were talking about Christmas presents and how it gets harder to buy for adults, cuz if they want something they buy it. And so we accumulate things that are pretty and nice but we don’t need. I shop like that too, these days!

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  3. I’ve always told my daughters, “Don’t buy it unless you REALLY love it!” Now they’re in their mid 20s, and that’s how they (usually) shop. I do too (usually!) But I’ve learned I feel much better without clutter, and I only want things that mean a lot, that I love.

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