A Change In Plan

I’ve decided to take 6 to 8 weeks to reach my goal of letting go of 150 items.

I realize that this isn’t something that is done overnight or in a couple weeks. I need to give myself time to slowly sort thru my stuff instead rushing thru it.

I need time to write in my journal. To feel the feelings associated with each item. To remember the memories. To hold it in my hands.

I need time to think about what I have and why. Why do I have item? What purpose did I think it was goimg to fulfill? Is it time to let it go?

I need to think about what I want going forward. What direction am I going? What direction do I want to go in? What do I need? What do I want?

I am only keeping things I love.

The owner of the consignment shop looked at me funny when I took I dropped off 10 more items yesterday. She commented on how cute the items were. I agree. They are cute, but I dont love them. Therefore, I cant keep them.

I’m hoping you dont get too sick of hearing about my journey into unhoarding. I doubt if that’s a word, but that is my journey.

What I am hoping to get out of this journey is clarity, a sense of direction because I’m not held down by the 150 items and the courage to move forward onto the next chapter of my life.

Next is my Bearfoot Bear Christmas collectables. This is going to tug at my heart.

5 thoughts on “A Change In Plan”

  1. This is a wonderful idea. Painful, fulfilling, yet not easy. I love the idea of the journal…I should have done that before I got rid of a lot of items from the past 65 years. But, like you, I’ve kept the ones I loved. Really loved. The others I hope find their way into other hearts and lives. Good for you, girlfriend!


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