Let Go

Take a deep breathe.

As you breathe out visualize your breathe coming out of your shoulders.

Feel yourself letting go of anger, hate, self loathing, sadness, jealously, and other negative emotions that you may carry with you.

Let go of the past. Let go of the you you were suppose to be. Let go of expectations. Let go of old rules. Let go of the things that keep you from moving forward.

Let go of anything you need to let go of. You know what you need to let go of. Your body knows. Let go.

Let it go on it’s own way. You don’t need it anymore. You dont need to carry it around with you forever. No one told you you had to keep it.

Let it go. Let it float gently up to the sky knowing it’s ok to let it go. You can watch it if you want. It’s ok.

Now move your attention to breathing in. Breathe in love. Hope. Sunshine. Happiness. New beginnings. Smiles. Courage. Strength.

Let go and make room for fun. New adventures. Something you’ve been longing to do but didn’t give yourself yourself permission to do before. It’s ok to give yourself permission now. It’s ok to go after your dreams. It’s ok because you know you deserve it. Yes you really do.

If you want new in your life you need to let go of the stuff that doesnt work anymore. Fit you anymore. That isn’t what or who you are anymore. Let it go.

It’s ok for you to move forward with whatever you want to move forward with. It’s ok to walk away from the past. You know where you want to go. It’s ok to go there. Now. With whoever you want to go there with. If you don’t want to take anyone you dont have to. Go there alone if you must. But go.

It’s ok to be you. To be who you really are. You’re suppose to be that person. Trust that and let go. You know the way. It’s ok.

Keep breathing.

Keep letting go.

You’ll find your way.

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