I Suck At Drawing

I can’t draw.

I’m not exaggerating.  I’m not one of those people who they can’t draw, but draw these beautiful pictures.  Not even close.  I suck.  I am being totally honest with you.  And myself.

I suck.

I tried to draw a simple umbrella from a picture I found on the internet.  Not happening.  It sucked.  My picture looked more like a fig leaf than a umbrella.

Drawing has always been something I suck at.  I am a writer not an artist.

Then why am I trying to draw?

Visions of drawings for a Menopause calendar keep dancing around in my head.  I have a vision in my head of what the top picture of a couple of the months to be and I would love to put them on paper.  The problem is is that I can’t draw.  Even my stick figures look sick.

I bought a sketch book to practice drawing in last night.  That’s when I drew the fig leaf whoops –umbrella.   One of the pictures I would like to sketch has a umbrella in it.

It’s frustrating to keep trying because I know what I want it to look like in my head, but it trying to get it on paper is something else.   Since I’m trying to do things that push me out of my comfort zone, I’m going to keep trying.  Even if I can get the basics on paper it would be a start.

I’m going shopping with my mom, sister and niece on Saturday.  Maybe I’ll stop in the bookstore and see what books they have on drawing.  I definitely need to learn the basics.

I tried drawing a simple porch attached to a house and a box that said “it” on it sitting on the porch.  I drew the box.  It looked alright, but I couldn’t get the lines correct with the house and porch.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this.

I keep hearing my dad’s voice.  Keep trying.  Practice makes perfect.

Not in this case, Dad, but I will keep trying.











11 thoughts on “I Suck At Drawing”

  1. Sunshine actually taught an art class to kids that convinced them all that they COULD draw. Something about taking a picture of something and overlaying a grid on it, then recreating the grid square by square on your drawing paper… I still suck at it but he managed to make artists out of a bunch of kids

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  2. Don’t give up. Drawing is more about learning to see than anything else. If you can see what is wrong then you can improve. If you drew the umbrella 20 times, #20 would be better than #1. Keep at it, if it’s something you want to do.


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