New Adventure

I did something today that I would have never done in the past.  I went with my husband to help someone he knows pour a concrete slab in a pole barn.  I don’t know anything about concrete or pouring a slab.  I don’t even know the guy very well.  Hardly at all.  He works with my husband and is a friend of my brother’s.

Saying yes to something like this is not me.   It’s is totally out of character.  I would never get up that early on a Monday morning to help someone I barely know, but something told me to say yes when my husband asked me.

To be honest I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  I went to bed at 11 p.m. and I got around 6 and 1/2 hours of sleep, but I was still tired.   I knew it would be a long day at work, but I got up.

You know what?  I’m glad I did.  I had a really cool experience.  I didn’t help much with the concrete, but I did get to meet the animals he and his family had on their hobby farm.  His daughter, who is 14, gave me a tour.  She has 16 bunnies.  All different colors and breeds.  (This is why the slab was being poured.  It would be the bunnies new home)  She shows bunnies and her horse at the local fair every year.   I saw four baby bunnies that were less a week old and their eyes weren’t even open.  They were adorable.

There are four cats.  All named after a city.  Two of the names are toledo and madison.  Kinda cool.

There are six horses in their stable.  (I have ridden a horse once.   Never again.  It was a horrible experience.  Although the people that I was with wished they would have taped it.  It would have won money on America’s Funniest Videos)  It was cool to be with the horses in the corral.  I petted each of the horses and one horse came over to me to be petted again.  I’ll admit I was scared shitless.  One of the horses was as tall as I was.  (5’5).  I was amazed at how beautiful and powerful they were.

What I was totally impressed that this is this fourteen year old girl knew how to drive a mini skidster.  She rocks.  I’m jealous.   I would love to learn how to drive the skidster.  That would be so cool.  My husband wants to buy one.  Maybe I will learn at some point.

I was really happy I went.  I did something different.  I went out of my comfort zone.  I was around people I barely knew, but still had fun.  I learned things about horses, cats and bunnies that I never knew.

Most importantly, we helped someone that needed help.  So many people helped us during our move and I am extremely grateful to each and every one.  Helping today was paying it forward.  People helped us so we help other people.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the view looking out of their pole barn.  The view was stunning.  We were on a peak so we could see farm fields and trees for miles and miles.  I love our view, but this view was totally amazing.  It was so beautiful.

I am dead ass tired right now, but very grateful for what I have and everyone in my life.  Being in the country just gives you a different look on life.  I’m calmer.  Breathe easier.  Appreciate more.  Braver.  More open.

Maybe I should say yes to new adventures more often.




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  1. Yesterday after I went to a few appointments, I had lunch with a friend who I had not seen in a decade and we talked by the pier and ate a light lunch for 4 hours. It was hard for me making the phone call as I felt so much time had gone by but we plan to meet again. She lives farther from me and I texted her twice and definitely went out of my comfort zone to reach out again but I am glad I did. We are different in some key areas but we are still friends!!My husband and I have gone out of our way for people in our area and for his friends. It is a stretch sometimes but it is reciprocated.

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