Maybe I’ll Get A Three Day

I shot my mouth off tonight at work tonight. Maybe I will get a three day.

Management left a skid of plastic coffee cups with lids tonight with our logo on by the lunchroom just before 8 PM break. At break people ran to get the cups. What pissed me off was that some people were taking four or five. I yelled “you guys should only be taking one. There are other people on 2nd and 3rd shift is coming in in two hours.” They didn’t listen. They just kept taking. And taking…

These are the same people who took the free polo shirts yesterday. Grabbed them all up til they were all gone. One of the girls walked away with four polos.

I shouldn’t have yelled at the people I yelled at but I did. Why do people think that just because the sign says free you can take as many as they want?

Doesn’t anyone know how to share anymore? Is that hard to realize that there are more people than yourself who might want one?

I wasn’t raised like that.

You dont have to take stuff because it’s free. If you dont need it dont take it. Or if you dont think you are going to use it dont take it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

These people really pissed me off tonight. I’ll find out tomorrow if they told on me. I really don’t care. Someone needed to say something. And that someone was menopausal me.

Maybe I will get a three day. That would be a nice mini vacation. I could go to the trailer. I could stay home.

I dont know why I’m thinking that. It’s never going to happen. I might get talked to. Wishful thinking on my part.

Ok. I’m done bitching for tonight.

9 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Get A Three Day”

  1. I thought you meant you had a free day! It sounds like a customer service call center. I have friends who worked at some places and were nit picked and I thought admin in some public schools were micro managers.


  2. Perhaps it should be you telling on them! Suggest that a person stand and hand things out one at a time. That’s what they do at my work. If they haven’t thought about it they should.


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