Gratitude Wednesday

I’m writing this because today sucks. I have some kind of stomach bug and I’m not feeling well. I’m crabby as hell. And we are on 10 hours of mandatory overtime. Not a good day.

I thought if I listed 10 things I am grateful for it might change my mood so here it goes.

1. I’m grateful for chocolate shakes, Cheerios and crackers because that’s basically what I’m living on. These items make my tummy feel better.

2. For Wendy’s being so close that I can swing thru the drive thru and grab supper.

3. For my half hour lunch hour that let’s me escape the madness of work for a little while.

4. My job. Even though it doesn’t fulfill me anymore and I know this I’m still grateful. I have a job, health insurance and money. Yeah! And a unfinished novel.

5. Its 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. Thank God. These last couple 90 degree days have sucked.

6. My phone. I can type on my lunch hour and breaks on my phone and edit it on my computer when I get home.

7. To be able to breathe. I’ve been doing some deep breathing while I tell myself “I let go”. It’s been working. I’m not as stressed as when I got to work.

8. The cows I see on the way to town. I love these cows. They make me smile. I have one picked out to take home.

9. Indoor plumbing and toilet paper.

10. My bed and new sheets. So comfy.

Focusing on what I’m grateful for definitely made my day better. I still feel like crap, but focusing on what I am grateful for has helped me not to focus on the small piddly irrations of the day. Mostly people.

I’m grateful for that.

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