One Of My Favorite Things

I love this little planter. It’s an old kettle that I bought a garage sale. I had my husband drill to a hole in the bottom so the extra water can run out.

I have done this several times in the past couple of years. I find something interesting at garage sale and instead of using it for it’s intended use I use it as a planter. A couple years ago at a garage sale in a swanky part of town I bought a really pretty green fruit bowl with beautiful red and green decorative handles. I was talking to my mom about my plans to use it as a planter and the lady having the garage sale looked horrified. “You’re going to use it as what?” I swear she wanted to buy it back.

I haven’t been to many garage sales this year so I haven’t been able to look for any unique planters. I can’t wait to go and and some really cool old stuff. Like an old spittoon. I think that would make great planter.

In the old house I had 15 planters on the deck and along the driveway. I had 3 or 4 hanging baskets every summer. This year I have 5 planters and 1 hanging basket. Quite a difference but definitely simpler. I have my favorite flowers. Daisies. I love the daisies that open during the day and close at night. The purple ones are my favorite.

I love my flowers. I smile everytime time I walk out the door and see them. I am one lucky girl.

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