Conceal And Carry

I normally don’t write about guns or politics because this isn’t what my blog is about, but something happened last week that I was very uncomfortable with and I need to write about it.

Last week when I walked into Kohl’s I was shocked to see the butt of a guy’s gun sticking out of the back waistband of his jeans.  I didn’t feel comfortable nor did I want to stay in the store, but I was looking for things for the new house and I didn’t have the time to come back later.

I’m not a gun person nor have I ever been.  I was taught to respect guns.  My dad hunted deer.  He had two rifles and a pistol in a locked gun cabinet in our basement when I was growing up.  He didn’t touch his guns except for to get ready for deer hunting.  My three siblings and I never touched that cabinet or those guns.  They were my dad’s and they were totally off limits.  I mean, break your arm if you touched them, off limits.  I’ve never been involved in any lifestyle where I have needed to have a gun.  I have never shot a gun, been to a range or anything like that.  I have heard of the NRA, but I don’t know who they represent, what they believe in or anything about them.  Yes, I am very naive when it comes to guns.

The guy in Kohl’s was a big, burly guy.  Probably weighed 250 and was about 5″9.  He could have easily taken care of himself  (without a gun) if anyone was messing with him.  Why he had to show everyone he had a gun I don’t know.  Maybe it was arrogance.  Personally, I don’t see anyone reason to have a gun while you are shopping in Kohl’s.  There were maybe 35 people in the store and that’s counting the employees.  I think it was totally uncalled for.

I don’t know why this bothered me so much.  Maybe it was because he could shoot me for any reason and I could possibly die on the floor.   Or that he could have shot anyone in the store for that matter and I would have had to witness it.  Maybe it was because he put me in a situation that I was uncomfortable with and I was a little pissed off.

I don’t care if someone conceals a gun that they are carrying and they are in the same building as I am.  A coworker asked me, Wouldn’t you rather know?  No, I wouldn’t. I feel better if I don’t know about it.  I feel if they are concealing it they are following the rules and are hopefully respectful people and would only use it if they had to.  I understand that this isn’t always the case.

I feel if you’re name is on the blackboard in the sky and it’s you’re turn to die you are going to die.  No matter if someone has a gun or not.

I can see having a gun in your home to protect yourself from an intruder.  I can see carrying a gun if you live in a big city and have to drive thru a bad part of it every day.

When I checked out, I spoke to a member of management about the guy with the gun and knowing that someone had a gun in their store was a very uncomfortable shopping experience for me.  She thanked me for saying something and went to talk to security.

On my way out I forgot to look whether or not Kohl’s had a “No Firearms Allowed” sign post on the front doors of the store.  Usually stores do.

I truly believe if you don’t have a specific use for a gun then you shouldn’t have it or carry it — plain and simple.








5 thoughts on “Conceal And Carry”

  1. Everything you say is so point on. My husband and sons are hunters, and never, NEVER do they take their guns out for anything outside of their scheduled hunting trips. It IS frightening to think that somebody might mistake you for a crook and pull out the gun and shoot you. I don’t think we’ll ever win this one, though. For every gun you see I bet there’s five more people around you that are carrying them. Maybe we just have to keep our wits about us and keep away from situations that call for action.

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