I Love Sending Christmas Cards

I don’t know why,  but I love to sending Christmas cards.  Some people call me crazy.  Some people think I am too in depth.  Some people think I spend too much time and or money.  I don’t care.  I love to do it!

I am very picky about the Christmas cards I send.  I don’t send cheap cards.  The cards I send have to have a nice picture on the front and a meaningful saying on the inside.  The cards I send hold a special meaning to me and I hope they mean something special to the receiver.  I am sending a part of myself and what I believe and what I hold deep in my heart.  I want them to be special.

I usually buy special pens to write on the inside with.  Sometimes I buy silver and gold pens and sometimes I buy red and green pens.  They can’t be any pen.  They have to feel nice in my hand and they have to write nice.  This year I didn’t like the silver and gold pens I bought so I used red and green pens I had at home instead.    I usually write the name of the person(s) in red, then I write Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in green and then I write love, steve and chrissy in red or vice versa.  Sometimes I do write special messages inside, but usually I don’t.

I usually address the front of the card with regular black or  blue ink, but in the middle of the back of the envelope I stamp a saying or picture.  This year I stamped a snowman holding up its arms and above his arms is a heart.  To me it looks like the snowman is giving the heart to the person who opens the envelope.

I love sending cards because I think it sets a good tone to the start of the Christmas season.  To me sending cards is sending love.  I’m letting the person know I am thinking of them this holiday season and that I love them.

I wrote out 29 cards today and I am not finished.  I send special cards to my mom, sister and her family and my brother and my other brother and his girlfriend.  I always give the mail man a card with $20 dollars in it.  I’m sending out more cards this year than I normally would because I think with all of tragedies that happened this year the world needs more love, more happy moments, more smiles, more giving and more caring.

Today I’m sending you, my beloved readers, virtual hugs, love and warm holidays wishes for a very happy holiday season. Thanks so much for reading my blog, your comments, for sharing your stories with me and for helping me grow and become a better person and writer.  Your support means more than you know.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love, Chrissy





13 thoughts on “I Love Sending Christmas Cards”

  1. It’s a good thing to do Chrissy. Too many people are abandoning cards in favor of Facebook posts or texts. I like cards, and wish they’d come back. It’s always fun looking through a stack of them when I visit my Mom or sisters.

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    1. I think a facebook.post is impersonal but I’m not on Facebook. I too like looking through my old.cards. I recycle them too. There’s a girl at work who collects the front of the cards amd sends them somewhere so they can be reused.

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  2. I love sending cards too, but have lost all my addresses at some point in the last few years. I’m blaming it on the goat at work because he eats everything (and isn’t here to defend himself😉)


  3. Unfortunately, sending cards went to the wayside for me. It’s too bad, really, as I love to get them myself, but it’s gotten expensive and it’s become another one of those “should’s” that make aspects of Christmas a chore.

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    1. It is too bad. I’m not big Christmas person. The cards are usually the most I do. My step kids are adults so because I work 50 plus hours a week during this time of the year and my husband is gone a lot we normally don’t put up a tree. There’s not enough time plus im not on the mood.

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