The Christmas Season Starts On November 24

On the way home from work last Thursday I was flipping through the radio stations to find Christmas music on one of the stations.  I wanted to call that station and complain.  What is wrong with these people?  Each year the Christmas season is shoved in our faces a little earlier than the year before and I hate it.

Christmas comes after Thanksgiving and not before.

I was in Madison, WI this weekend.  (Go Badgers!!)  Santa was at the both of the malls, each mall had their Christmas decorations up, Christmas music was playing and the Red Kettles were out.  This shouldn’t be.  It is way too early.  I refuse to put money into the Red Kettle until after Thanksgiving.

This really ticks me off.  Why are we retailers so quick to forget about Thanksgiving? I know they have to worry about their bottom line and they each want a piece of the Christmas money pie, but before Thanksgiving?  Give me a break.   The first 23 days of November should be for Thanksgiving and after that should be for Christmas.  We definitely have lost something over the past five or ten years.

I would like go back to the quieter, more peaceful, less stressful days.  A world where Santa didn’t wake up until the day after Thanksgiving.  A world where no one in retail had to work on Thanksgiving.  A world where people got together because they enjoyed being together, laughing, enjoyed sharing and learning about tradition and had a grateful heart.  A world where there were no cells phone (not that I don’t think a cell phone has a time and a place because I do) and people actually talked to one another.

I find it really sad that some retail employees don’t get to spend Thanksgiving with their families because the store they work at opens for Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving evening.  It’s ridiculous.  The retailers are sending a message to their employees that they don’t care about them, their families and carrying on the Thanksgiving holiday tradition.  That all  they care more about is making a dollar.  Why can’t one of these big box stores take a stand and close on Thanksgiving?  I know they are afraid of losing money, but I think they would gain respect.  Respect from me and the tens of thousands of people who care about the tradition of Thanksgiving and who would possibly boycott the other stores.  I know I would boycott.

I just think we are going in the wrong direction.  A direction that doesn’t promote the sacredness of family and spending time together.  Shopping can wait until the day after Thanksgiving.

This is my Sunday rant.  Well, Monday rant, because I had computer problems yesterday and couldn’t use my computer.  😦




















At least in my eyes it is.






This weekend was way to early to be waking up Santa.

10 thoughts on “The Christmas Season Starts On November 24”

  1. As Daddy always says … “it’s all about the money!” Companies rarely give a shit about their employees.
    and I totally agree with you — Christmas crap should not be happening before Thanksgiving.

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