QP Hey Ladies I Have A Secret

Warning:  If you don’t like to read about menopause, making love or woman’s anatomy then this post isn’t for you.  Please don’t read any further.

Normally I wouldn’t write about my sex life or my anatomy, but if it can help other women get their groove back sexually then I feel I have to share my story.

Many of you know that after menopause making love just isn’t the same.  In my world I felt that my head didn’t communicate with vagina anymore.  I used to be wet and ready in a heartbeat.  Now it takes a day and half and lube.  Making love used to be wonderful.  Now it hurts.  I used to be twenty pounds lighter.  Now I feel like a fat, unsexy old woman.  Making love used to be fun.  Now it’s work.

While at the Barrett Jackson car show in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago I saw a Purlife booth.  Purlife bracelets use a combination of natural elements that releases negative ions to help balance your body (this is taken straight from the brochure).  Anyway, the bracelet is something my husband’s friend swears by.  My husband and I have always wanted to try wearing the baracelet so we each each bought one.

I wore mine for about a week and a half when I started to feel wet in my vagina area.  I was amazed because this hasn’t happened to me a long, long time.  It was like my head was speaking to my vagina again.   A week later I was feeling horny and actually wanted to make love.  I felt kinda like I did before menopause kicked in.   I felt like a sexual human being.  I was dreaming about making love and wanting to experiment with new positions.  I really wasn’t that conscious about my weight because my husband loves me the way I am.  I’m still fat, but I’m not concentrating on how fat I feel.

Honestly, I don’t know if it was the bracelet or not.  I’m thinking it was.  I don’t know what else it could be.   I’m not saying it will work for you, but it might.  It’s pricey, but it’s almost Christmas and I think it’s worth every penny.

I got my groove back and I’m thrilled.

So is my husband.


P.S.  the QP I wrote before the title means Quick Post.  I think if I like something or if something works for me I’m going to write a quick post about it and share it with you all.  I’ll mark these posts with QP in the title.


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