My Journals Are Back In The Basement

I put my bin of journals back in the basement.


I don’t know why I thought I could get the shredding done in a couple of days.  After taking a closer look I realized that there was at least a thousand pages or more (probably more) of journal pages in the bin.

Four bins of a 1,000 pages or more.  I guess when you don’t look inside of the bins you forget what is there.

It’s going to take longer than expected….way longer.

Usually I would journal in a college ruled notebook, but in this bin I chose to write on college ruled loose leaf paper.  There are pages and pages and pages of loose leaf paper in the bin.

I didn’t leave the bin upstairs because I didn’t want anyone reading my journals.  As I was shredding I was skimming through the pages and I realized that I don’t want anyone to read them.  The pages are my private thoughts about what I was going through at the time and not anything else.  It’s how I chose to express myself at the time.

As I was skimming I did pick out pages that struck a cord in me or experiences that I forgot about and put them away for a later date.

I don’t know how I am ever going to get through all of these pages.  I think what I am going to do is just grab a handful when I have a couple of minutes and skim, keep and shred.

Luckily my mom’s cousin has a hobby farm.  I can shred and give the bags of shredded journal entries to her to use as bedding for her animals.

It’s all good.




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