My Pen And Pencil Addiction

I know I have posted before about how I am a pen and pencil whore.

I’m addicted.

I buy pens and pencils on clearance and at garage sales.  I buy them if I don’t have them or if I think they are look cool. I buy them when I don’t need them.

I buy too many.

I hoard them.

I was thinking at work today that if I went through drawing stuff I have to go through my pens and pencils.

I’m embarrassed to admit this but below is a picture of all of the pencils and pens I am hoarding.

Sad isn’t it?

Did I think I was going to run out?

Or that there was going to be supply chain issues?

What the heck?

I knew I had too many when I cleaned out my coffee table drawer and realized I didn’t have a place for them.  I put some of them in the cubby in the new reclining loveseat we bought and the others in a plastic bin.

Here is what I am keeping.

Here is what I am giving away

I’m keeping more pencils because that is usually what I write with. I love the feel of pencils when I write. The smoothness.

I can’t help it.

I love them!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened again.