On my way to acupuncture (almost three weeks ago) I saw this.

This is the field that I posted about last year that had corn growing.

No more corn.

It made me sad.  I loved to look the corn on my way to acupuncture. 

I know everything has its seasons.  Even corn fields.

I began thinking about endings and beginnings. 

Then I asked myself Is there anything in my life that needs to end?  Is the field trying to tell me something?

A couple of days later when I was walking to my mailbox and saw this.

The farmer across the street planted corn!

I have corn growing across the street and I didnt even notice.  Usually there is hay planted in the field so I didn’t even look.

How exciting!

This is how tall the corn grew in almost 3 weeks.

I get to see these stalks grow every day and I’m so excited.  It’s something that has interested me since we moved in this house. 

How cool is it that!

New beginnings.