I Want To Give More

Every year on our anniversary we give boxes of school supplies that we bought on sale or on clearance throughout the year to our church.

We started doing this since our wedding day 12 years ago.

I admit I’ve been slacking since Covid.  I really haven’t donated alot of money or food or health and beauty items to our church or anywhere.

Mainly because Shopko closed. I found a lot of stuff on sale there. Target and Walmart just arent tores putting stuff on clearance like they used to.

I love the find clearance items that are a steal.

Here’s what I found couple of weeks ago at Walmart.  They had a box of pencils on Clearance for  10 cents a box.

How many did I buy?

The above receipt is one of two receipts.  I just want to show the price.

Amazing isn’t?

86 boxes at 12 pencils in each.

1032 pencils.


I’m not going to give them all to my church.  My church partners with the poorest school in the school district so that’s why we try to donate as much as we can; but I know there are other schools out there that need supplies so I will also give to those other schools

I love to find these bargains and share them with people!

I can’t wait to see what I find next!