I Forgot About My Fish Planter

I can’t believe I forgot to share my favorite planter!

I think it’s so cool! It makes me happy and it makes me smile.

It’s not a planter. I actually don’t know what it is. I found it at the consignment shop and had my husband drill a hole in the bottom so the excess water can drain out.

It’s been so hot here lately. It was in the 90’s last weekend and this week it’s been in the upper 80s.

It’s been hell for me and my flowers.

I hate the heat.

Between the wind and the heat my flowers are suffering.

Here’s what is left of one of hanging baskets.

Pathetic isnt it?

It was so, so pretty. Red and purple flowers and pso nice and full.

I’m going to get a replacement this weekend.

Its suppose to be in the 70s next week. Hopefully that is true and its suppose to rain.

We need the rain so bad.

And my flowers and I need a break.

Did I mention I hate the heat?