If I Am Being Honest With Myself

The place I work is celebrating 50 years in business this year. This past weekend we had an awards banquet at a very prestigious place with a very prestigious speaker.

I work a dressy tank top (Vera Wang), jeans shorts and flip flops. I did do my hair and wore two gold bracelets and a ring,

For the last two weeks at work women have talking about their dresses, having fashion shows and looking up hairstyles and shoes on the internet during working hours.  The amount of work time spent on this was ridiculous.

I thought about dressing up, but why? Dressing up just isn’t my thing.  I never did like primping, doing my hair or putting makeup on.  I just not me.  I don’t like to dress up. I don’t feel comfortable dressed up.  I didn’t want to dress up.  I couldn’t see dressing up for four hours.

I honestly didn’t have anything to wear.  I don’t dress up during the holidays.  Or any holiday.  I think the last time I dressed up was at my mother in laws funeral.  I can’t wear cool weather clothersin 85 degree weather.

I am a jeans and t shirt kind of girl.

I actually did try a couple of outfits on at Kohl’s, but none of them fit.  I ran into a an old friend I used to work with 20 years ago and ended up talking to her for 15 minutes. My time for trying more stuff on turned into grabbing three dressy tank tops off the rack and trying them on when I got home.

If I am trying to let go of stuff , why would i buy clothes that will hang in my closet that I will probably never wear again?  If I’m honest with myself that would be stupid.  A waste on money and closet space.  My husband and I are homebodies especially now that we bought the house. We only place we go is to menards and home depot.  We don’t dress up and go out.  We never have.

I could have went shopping the next morning, but I decided on the dressy tank top because I know I will wear it again.  The first top I picked out was the one that looked the best and fit good.  The other two tops have been returned to Kohl’s.

I was worried on the way to the banquet that I made the wrong decision.  Maybe I should have spent more time and actually bought a nice outfit.  When I walked into the building I saw a few other people that weren’t that dressed up and I knew I had made the best decision for me.  I didn’t waste money on buying something I wasn’t going to wear again.  I didn’t waste that much time trying stuff on.  Instead I spent time catching up with old friend I  rarely see because she lives in Canada.  And I don’t have to store it.

I had a great time that night.  I was me.  Even though I wasn’t wearing a dress I was comfortable with what I was wearing.  I smiled.  Laughed.  Danced around.  I was confident and it shined through.

Sometimes you have to listen to your gut and do what feels right instead of doing what everyone else is doing.