Where Would You Put Your Purse?

I’m at the clinic today for my allergy appointment.

I had to use the ladies room and was wondering where to put my purse.

Here’s a picture of the ladies room. No stall. One toliet

I didn’t notice the purse hanger behind the door probably because I was looking at the floor.

I put my purse at the end of the counter.

I wondered where ladies put their purses when using the ladies room when was looking for the least germiest place to put my purse.

I’m not a germophobe, but I like to be careful. I’m probably too careful. I haven’t had Covid yet and I really don’t want to.

After I leave the ladies room I always wipe the bottom of my purse and the handles with a clorox wipe or hand sanizter. You never know what germs the last person had or what germs overall that are lurking in the ladies room.

So my question to you is:

Where would you put your purse and why?

Just curious on how people view this.