Fun Fun: I Did Something I Never Thought I Would Do

When my husband and I were in Vegas last month with my niece and she wanted a tattoo.

A long time ago my husband suggested we get tattoos on our wedding ring fingers. A couple of my in laws have them, but I didn’t like the design they had. Just a plain ring design with their initial in the middle.

Did I mention it’s sooooooo permanent….

I didnt like it so I told my husband I didn’t want to do it. He was a little disappointed to say the least but I didnt want something that I thought was ugly on my finger.

I never ever thought that I would be thinking about getting a tattoo there.

Until Vegas.

I was thinking about getting wedding ring tattoos awhile before we went to Vegas. I did a little research and I had a picture of what I wanted.

My husband had no clue.

While my niece was looking around Counts Tattoo Company, I suggested to my husband that we get tattoos. He smiled and started looking on his phone for tattoos.

He picked out a design and I loved it.

The next day we were getting tattoos.

The tattoo is a S and T.

He has a C and T on his finger

I love it!!

It turned out a lot better then what I thought.

And for the people who are asking what will you do if you get divorced?

I’m not worried about that now.

I’m just enjoying my tattoo and being married.

I’m glad I stepped out if my comfort zone.

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